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From YouTube Infomercials to Training and Presentation Videos, we have the expertise and equipment to make your video stand out against your competitors.

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We asked Lanarkshire Website Design and Media to film one of our events for Combat City.  The end result was way more than we expected with high quality video and excellent additional effects. Very pleased with the service and quality.
Stewart Matthews

Scotkart & Combat City

This video was a brief testimonial to our sister company Lanarkshire Print & Media Ltd by Donald Munro of Business Coach Scotland.
This was recorded a couple of years ago in 720px and recently found on our server equivalent of the cutting room floor.
It demonstrates the effectiveness of client testimonials.

Video  Production Studio Facilities

Lanarkshire Website Design & Media have a fully equipped video production studio with state of the art filming facilities including HDR 4K Studio Cameras, AutoCue Teleprompters, Green-Screen & Blue-Screens for special effects video, wireless microphone systems and lighting effects.

We can quickly and cost-effectively produce training videos, promotional videos, instructional videos, health and safety videos, motivational videos, demonstration videos plus much more.  With our green and blue screen effects we can film your requirements in the comfort of the studio and then add location or effects backgrounds.  With this feature you can look as if you have filmed your production anywhere in the world, in fact anywhere in the galaxy.

We have been using Lanarkshire Website Design for a number of years now for our graphic design, printing, website design and video production.

We are proud of our trade lighting, furniture and mirrors showroom in Airdrie, Lanarkshire and always get a great result with our showroom promotional videos from the team at Lanarkshire Website Design.

Charlie Webster

C Webster & Sons

Vehicle Video Production

Vehicle video filming can for many companies be challenging.  Not for Lanarkshire Website and Design.  We have a range of professional vehicle video filming accessories used by the mainstream TV and Movie industry to allow us to film a wide range of shots from inside and outside of all types of vehicles from bicycles, motorcycles, cards, vans, trucks, buses etc.
We can even film internal and external video from aeroplanes, helicopters and boats.

Case Study

Arpal Group Selkirk

We were asked to produce a YouTube and website Infomercial for the detergent and cleaning manufacturer R.P. Adams, Arpal Group based in the beautiful borders town of Selkirk.

The company wanted a video to demonstrate their capabilities, a story of the production of their products from the arrival of the raw product to the use of finished products in the workplace. They wanted to achieve this without the need for ‘voiceover’ as they felt this could detract from the result they were trying to achieve.

There were a number of processes and locations where we were unable to access with a camera such as inside mixing vats, or inside machines on the production line. Fortunately, by using some of our many cameras and accessories, we were able to capture the shots required to maintain the story-line.

Whilst we were filming in the plant, we set up an outdoor 4K camera on a motorised rotational mount to capture movement of vehicles, personnel and passing clouds which we later used to create a time-lapse effect. Another interesting effect was to use ‘stop motion’ to show a pallet apparently ‘self stacking’

To further enhance the video, we used our aerial drones and time-lapse cameras to add additional content.
Once finished at the production plant, we had to travel to locations in the north of England and Scotland to expand on the use of the products and see Arpal’s comprehensive customer support programme in action.

Before the actual video shoot, we spent a day with the client taking a number of still images to allow us to build up a picture of what we wanted to do during the video shoot. The client was so impressed by the quality of our still photography we were asked to provide a library of images for their new catalogue.

In total we spent a day on photography, 5 days filming and a further 3 weeks in editing, working closely with the client at all times.

The result, 3 finished videos, a library of stock video and photography images that the client was delighted with and proud to put the Arpal name to.




Case Study

Combat City @ Scotkart

We have been dealing with our clients at Scotkart now for over 25 years and in that time have been delighted to be involved in many design, printing, website, signage, banner and video projects.

One of the first videos we produced for Scotkart was a simple, driver’s view of a race evening event.The challenge on this project was lighting.  The building is lit with sodium lights which we had to consider for colour balance. Although well lit, the track at night presents difficulties as there are lighter and darker areas and generally not enough light for normal cameras to capture fast paced action without blurring or a grainy finish.  We were able to overcome this by using our mini Panasonic video cameras with interchangeable lenses allowing us to use a number of ‘faster’ lens options.

The opening of the new M74 through Glasgow was another short YouTube infomercial we were asked to produce to demonstrate how easily and quickly Scotkart’s facility in Cambuslang could be reached from Glasgow City Centre.
To film this we set up our Range Rover with various internal and externally rigged cameras to capture the journey from Glasgow to Cambuslang.  We then took this footage and by adding a few graphics, a timecode and speeding up the video, we created a short YouTube Infomercial showing the route and time taken from the city centre in Glasgow to Scotkart in Cambuslang.

Another interesting project was to film and create another YouTube Infomercial to promote Combat City outdoor laser-tag at Scotkart’s Cambuslang facility. This was a special ‘Halloween Zombie Horror Night’.  The Combat City staff, complimented by a professional acting crew had spent a lot of time and effort creating a unique theme for this event.
We had to shoot this with virtually no light, on the move and not be seen by clients using the facility.
To make use of what little light we had involved using the ‘fastest’ lenses we had.  To film effectively in some of the confined spaces also involve some ‘ultra wide angle’ lenses.
During the edit, a further challenge to take into account was to create an air of tension and menace without giving away too much of what was happening.

The result, another video the client was delighted with. 

Case Study

Parkdean Resort, Dornoch

Whilst on short break at the Parkdean Resort at Embo Beach, Dornoch in the North of Scotland, we got chatting to the Sales Manager and the General Manager of the holiday park.

In addition to the many residential holiday caravans for rent and the touring caravan pitches available for short or longer term use, the company also sell a range of luxury residential caravan homes.

After a discussion on the effectiveness of some of their current promotional YouTube Infomercials and other website video content, we were asked to produce a short promotional video to showcase one of Parkdean’s Willerby residential homes.

We explained that to create an effective sales message, we had to create a ‘desire’, not only for the Willerby residential home itself but for the location of the Parkdean resort at Embo on the stunning Dornoch coastline.

The first thing we felt was important was to demonstrate the main reason for visiting this area, the golden sand beach of Embo.
The only way to truly capture the beauty of this location was by aerial drone which would allow us to quickly show the scale of the holiday park and the beaches.  To avoid any issue with operating the drone near the general public, we filmed our drone sequences at 6am. We also used a combination of drone footage and the use of our  DJI Osmo handheld gimbal 4K camera.  This allowed us to create a ‘virtual walk-around’ of the  holiday park.

When it came to the residential caravan home, shooting in a confined space and creating a feeling of space was our challenge.  Fortunately we have a range of cameras and lenses perfect for shooting in these situations.

We quickly shot the material we needed and had completed the shoot in a little over 2 hours.

Rather than just edit together the content, we created an ‘logo intro’ and created some simple but effective effects to produce a professional result that the client was impressed with and quickly obtained results.

We did however make one mistake on this job, we didn’t take payment in advance and are still waiting to get paid.  


Case Study

C Webster & Sons

C Webster & Sons are a trade and wholesale supplier of Lighting, Furniture and Mirrors based in Airdrie, Lanarkshire.  We have been providing C Webster & Sons with design and print products for over 25 years and over the past 5 years with website design and video services.

We recently completed a totally new development of a full eCommerce and management website which allows C Webster to market their full range of 1000’s of products to the trade sector. Within 2 weeks of the new site going live, we had page one Google results for this company.

Part of this SEO success is down to the use of YouTube Infomercial video.

We produces a ‘walk round’ of C Webster & Sons impressive Airdrie showrooms to allow clients an insight into some of the beautiful lighting, furniture and mirrors C Webster have to offer.

For once lighting wasn’t an issue on the video shoot, however we did have another major challenge.  For anyone that, after taking a photograph or shooting a video, has noticed themselves in a mirror or in a reflection, every square meter of wall space in C Webster’s showroom is full of mirrors. Thank goodness we have remote controlled video equipment.

We used a number of camera and lens options in the creation of their video plus accessories like our 1.5m slider, motorised rotational mount, DJI Osmo handheld gimbal 4K camera and our Panasonic GH5 DSLR camera with 7-14mm ultra wide angle lens mounter to our Crane 3 axix gimbal system.  Using this state if the art technology combined with the use of some older tech – a pair of ladders, we quickly shot the required footage.

At the editing stage we utilised Adobe After Effects to create an animated logo intro and a more interesting transition effect throughout the video.

We created an immersive showroom video highlighting the vast and diverse range of products on offer that allows viewer to quickly grasp the scale of what’s available without scrolling through pages of products or narrative.

This type of video not only provides a very effective marketing tool, it is also a great way of increasing your Google page ranking.


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To further promote your business and significantly improve your website ranking, YouTube video content is invaluable in reaching a huge target market and in doing so helps greatly in your Google Optimisation.
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